Marieke De Vrij

Stichting De Vrije Mare: Maatschappelijke Vernieuwing, Vormgeving vanuit Vrije Verbinding



Marieke de Vrij is a spiritual counsellor who has worked on a variety of subjects and fields. Some of her publications are available in English but please note that to date, the majority of her inspirations are still in Dutch.

If you wish to receive information about what inspirations are available in English and/or general information about her work, please contact the Foundation`s Support Centre at contact.

The future of a truly stable economic order

In recent decades, we have witnessed an burgeoning „boom and bust‟ mentality in our existing economic and financial order. This has resulted in the depreciation of the inherent power enjoyed by financial resources in the (distant) past due to their intrinsic stability. Nowadays, financial concessions are being made that lack any fundamental built-in security.

This system, which is increasingly taking on a life of its own and becoming more and more detached from reality, will have to realign with reality at some point. This can only be achieved by a complete reversal in economic theory over the coming years, and a total realignment in the fundamental reality of financial flows.

First aid kit in case of disaster/emergency

Here you can download the first aid kit complementary medicine in case of disaster/emergency.

In case of radioactive contamination

Here you can download 2 articles about what you can do when being exposed to radioactive contamination.